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Experts from Europe, US, Asia eager to see how CPC evolves next month

With the 19th Communist Party of China National Congress approaching, politicians worldwide said they are observing "with great interest and high expectation" the political and policy outcome of the event, which begins Oct 18.

Politicians, scholars and opinion leaders from Europe, the United State and Asia have expressed their predictions in interviews with China Daily a month before the once-in-five-year congress begins.

A new CPC Central Committee and a new Central Commission for Discipline Inspection are expected to be elected by 2,300 delegates nationwide elected before June to represent China"s 88 million CPC members.

In reviewing China"s progress, achieved by the CPC Central Committee under the leadership of Party General Secretary Xi Jinping since 2012, they concluded that China has started to take center stage globally and they look forward to seeing how China will deliver more positive solutions to global issues.

"My view is that President Xi has given a positive surprise to the world in the past five years and surely China has started to take central stage," said former Italian prime minister Enrico Letta.

Letta, now dean of the Paris School of International Affairs, part of the Paris Institute of Political Studies, said the global political landscape has changed rapidly during the past five years due to economic growth, social media expansion, technological breakthroughs and Donald Trump"s US presidency.

During the global shift, Letta said, China has grasped chances to transform its economy, eliminate corruption and further lift people at home from poverty. Internationally, it has rolled out the Belt and Road Initiative and played an active role in global affairs.

Letta said his school has groups of scholars and students who have shown interest in observing the upcoming 19th Party Congress.

Former Pakistani prime minister Shaukat Aziz also has praised the outcome of Xi"s work during the past five years, calling him "a peace-loving man and a world-class leader".

Aziz said the Belt and Road Initiative is an excellent example of his leadership. "President Xi, in my view, has changed the dimensions and policy framework of China," he said.

Jo Leinen, a German politician who is chairman of the European Parliament"s Delegation for Relations with China also said Europe looks with great interests and expectations on the 19th Congress because "it is a great moment for the country, but also for the world".

In addition to the new leadership election and reshaping of the CPC institutions, Leinen said he also is watching what policy guidelines and directions China will take in the coming five years.

Leinen said he looks forward to seeing how Xi"s coming policy addresses, ideas, thoughts and strategies regarding governance by the CPC Central Committee will be further developed.

Former US ambassador to China Gary Locke remains committed to facilitating US business and trade, saying the growing prosperity in China and the country"s growing middle class are impressive achievements.

He said Xi has done an excellent job as president and the Belt and Road Initiative is receiving positive reviews worldwide.